Friday, November 15, 2013

We are working with collections for art as of now. We talked of Andy Warhol and his collections that were taped up in boxes. They later became 'pop art' considering that what was within the boxes all made up a time period. It was a bunch of things that were used commonly at a certain time. The art classes collected as many blue objects that we could find. Now if all these things were put into a box and opened up 100 years from now - would it be a box that takes you back in time? So were focusing on pop art, collections and time capsules. So were learning 'art' is literally surrounding you at all times. We also tried to decide whether or not hoarding and collecting are the same or art. Well in my opinion hoarding is just having an emotional connection to everything  that your life has touched , while a collector is just specifically interested in gathering a certain thing for some back round reason whether it be the way it looks, money, or comfort of some way.