Sunday, July 10, 2016

After almost 5 years 
After every time you left 
feeling the desperation
Begging crying trying to grab the end of the string
But your gone
Now I hit you
Now I knocked the glasses over
Now you're  gone
But now I am not grabbing 
Because I would not have done that if I want being hurt
But I am hurt
Being called stupid again and again hurts
Being the one who will forgive no matter what hurts
Being the one who never forgets to text you hurts
Being the one who has never cheated on you hurts
Being the one who would die for you hurts
Being the one who had never walked away from you hurts
and I am tired
I am tired because I love too hard
I am violent because I feel too much
I am sad because I miss what I thought it was
I am completely alone
I've been completely alone
But I soothe myself with lies
And lies become memory
And memory becomes your truth
And my truth and yours are different
I'll miss you

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of year reflection

Art this year was a relaxing experience I really enjoyed working with all different media and it's been a new experience to play with the iPads. I liked doing the big drawings and learning different techniques to use with watercolor. I've learned a lot with paint. The glazing and sculpting was completely new to me. The glazing process was so very intriguing because the colors changed so much.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time capsule

The time capsules we made in art were made to reflect our personalities on the outsides of the boxes. We were pushed in the direction of 3-D media for the outside. We were supposed to make them unique and colorful so that stacked on top of each other they might look like their own form of art. On the inside we were supposed to collect items to fill the box with. The items should reveal a little bit of our personality but more so it should open to almost a time change. It should should be like a time capsule back in time. I put it a few items that were close to me and then items that seem unique to this time period

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finding ease within myself

The confusion sat on my shoulders, weighting each step. It was drizzling a freezing rain, that painted the town with an icy gloss. The grass was pure emerald and the colors of the landscape deepened and grew rich under the tinted deep violet sky. It was evening and I walked alone, confused by other intentions and falling confused in my own. I crossed the town like an ant moving cross a table, seeing faces on my way, but I was consumed by my own story. The sound of the drizzle felt soothing and the squish of each step grew wetter and louder as I made my way down a sloping mud hill into the woods. My ideas began to sort. The confusion that I once felt began to organize. The environment seemed to empathize my feelings. I sat on a bed of moss. Alone in a place like this I started to feel confident in myself. The worry and uncertainty of others intention and wants began to disintegrate as I started to make my mind up that I was proud and at ease with my own intentions and wants. I started to feel more independent. Enjoying so strongly the life around me sending great sensations through me. I am proud to be who I am. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune cookie project

This project was fun, we got a fortune cookie and had to make art off of the fortune we got. At first I got one that didn't make much sense to me so I just started painting from the heart. The next day I got a fortune that all it said was "love". So I pictured what that love I have on the inside must look like.

Art x 3

This project was very interesting and had a good concept. We made collages using any materials we wanted so we got to experiment. Our theme was celebrity. We started with a blank paper and for two days worked on starting a collage. The next day we got someone else's and worked on it for 2more days. Lastly we got 1 more collage that we got to make our own and finish. I loved the concept of working with others art, personalizing it and changing it. 

Pop prints project

This project was done because we researched Andy Warhol. He did prints, which was like a total new art form. We tried doing things that have to do with our culture or common things we see and turn them into art like Andy Warhol did.