Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last week I finished my bicycle drawing. I chose to draw a close up viewpoint that had a nice balance of lines running through it. We used pencil, we started with a hard light pencil to draw the outlines and then we used two creamier pencils to do the shading. The main focuses on this project was the image we chose of the bike to draw, and the value and shading of the bike. The image we chose and the placement of the bike were very important. Centering something directly into the middle of the page or having it hanging off floating away in one corner is not interesting to look at. Our teacher described to us ways to make the drawing be alluring and taught us about focal points and lines that make the picture seem more symmetrical without looking boring. I worked hard in the shading of the bike. Our class was taught techniques on how to shade to make paper turn into metals or plastic. This way the bike looks realistic. I worked hard at getting the shading right to make it turn 3D.I didn't particularly like this project because it was hard for me to keep the proportions correct and just
drawing the bike was complicated. I did enjoy shading the bike because i love bringing things to life from just the shadows.