Sunday, July 10, 2016

After almost 5 years 
After every time you left 
feeling the desperation
Begging crying trying to grab the end of the string
But your gone
Now I hit you
Now I knocked the glasses over
Now you're  gone
But now I am not grabbing 
Because I would not have done that if I want being hurt
But I am hurt
Being called stupid again and again hurts
Being the one who will forgive no matter what hurts
Being the one who never forgets to text you hurts
Being the one who has never cheated on you hurts
Being the one who would die for you hurts
Being the one who had never walked away from you hurts
and I am tired
I am tired because I love too hard
I am violent because I feel too much
I am sad because I miss what I thought it was
I am completely alone
I've been completely alone
But I soothe myself with lies
And lies become memory
And memory becomes your truth
And my truth and yours are different
I'll miss you