Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune cookie project

This project was fun, we got a fortune cookie and had to make art off of the fortune we got. At first I got one that didn't make much sense to me so I just started painting from the heart. The next day I got a fortune that all it said was "love". So I pictured what that love I have on the inside must look like.

Art x 3

This project was very interesting and had a good concept. We made collages using any materials we wanted so we got to experiment. Our theme was celebrity. We started with a blank paper and for two days worked on starting a collage. The next day we got someone else's and worked on it for 2more days. Lastly we got 1 more collage that we got to make our own and finish. I loved the concept of working with others art, personalizing it and changing it. 

Pop prints project

This project was done because we researched Andy Warhol. He did prints, which was like a total new art form. We tried doing things that have to do with our culture or common things we see and turn them into art like Andy Warhol did.