Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finding ease within myself

The confusion sat on my shoulders, weighting each step. It was drizzling a freezing rain, that painted the town with an icy gloss. The grass was pure emerald and the colors of the landscape deepened and grew rich under the tinted deep violet sky. It was evening and I walked alone, confused by other intentions and falling confused in my own. I crossed the town like an ant moving cross a table, seeing faces on my way, but I was consumed by my own story. The sound of the drizzle felt soothing and the squish of each step grew wetter and louder as I made my way down a sloping mud hill into the woods. My ideas began to sort. The confusion that I once felt began to organize. The environment seemed to empathize my feelings. I sat on a bed of moss. Alone in a place like this I started to feel confident in myself. The worry and uncertainty of others intention and wants began to disintegrate as I started to make my mind up that I was proud and at ease with my own intentions and wants. I started to feel more independent. Enjoying so strongly the life around me sending great sensations through me. I am proud to be who I am.